Musto Dock Primaloft XVR Hoody Jacket Review

You are probably reading this because you need a sailing jacket that does an excellent job of keeping you dry, warm and insulated. You’ve got to read till the last word to be sure you have made the right choice of an insulated and waterproof jacket able to withstand the toughest of weather anywhere on the face of the Earth.

Of course, it’s XVR hoody jacket, one of Musto’s best line of sailing jackets. It’s specially designed for expeditions, made to handle the unknown that awaits you as you sail into the wild and wide. Just think of this as an armor suit built to handle the harshest of weather without freaking out and leaving you in a ditch.

Musto must have different ideas in mind when designing this jacket. They must have thought of the need for a Musto sailing jacket that can withstand anything thrown at it; wet and cold, damp and hot or maybe cold and dry.
There’s a lot to unravel about this Primaloft jacket, and we won’t leave a stone unturned about it.

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Designed to deliver versatility and innovation to the sportswear market. The Dock PrimaLoft® XVR Jacket combines exceptional warmth and durability. Constructed from 100% ripstop nylon, this garment ...




100% Polyamide


100% Nylon


100% Polyester

Material and Quality

When it comes to choosing material for their celebrated jackets, Musto has never failed in considering quality. Let’s spell it out clearly before moving on; the primary material for the jacket is 100% polyamide, the lining is 100% nylon, while the filling is 100% polyester.
There’s a careful and well thought out process of the choice of materials for every part of the Primaloft jacket. Knowing the material will determine the weight of the sailing jacket, and usually, users prefer sailing jackets less than 500g, the jacket relies on Primaloft Black Insulation Eco. This is why this Musto sailing jacket is super lightweight and never sacrificing warmth.

Just think of two words; lofty and light, this is how the Primaloft jacket feels. Remember we said it’s made of polyester? It’s those tiny strands of polyester combined with Primaloft synthetic fibre. All these combined into one is responsible to for the insulated protection the Musto sailing jackets gives you.

Tracking back a bit, one novel feature of the sailing jacket is Primaloft Black Insulation Ecotechnology. This is achieved through the use of recycled materials, precisely 60% recycled materials.

If material alone determines the worth of a sailing jacket, this Musto Dock Primaloft XVR Hoody Jacket would have been the best sailing jacket ever made. It’s never an exaggeration, feel and wear one before you conclude.

Waterproof/Water Resistant Technology

Ok, you should ask why this product is a crossover technology or XVR. It’s simple; you can bring in other Musto compatible products through dual zips, the hoods, and the cuff. All in a bid to ensure you are safe from penetration of water or any other liquid when you find your feet in the extreme weather zone.

When battling thundering and non-stopping waves, don’t be worried, this PrimaLoft jacket has got you covered. Covered with XVR means you are less exposed to weather elements. There is an increase in water and snow resistance which improves the warmth you derive from the Primaloft jacket.
Partnering with XVR is the Durable Water Resistance (DWR) Technology that Musto sailing jackets are famous for. This is what DWR does; it forms water into rolling beads off the jacket and this guarantee a faster than usual drying time. It’s quite simple, water is unable to penetrate the jacket, but the traces of water left dries off faster.

That’s not all, Musto dock Primaloft XVR Hoody Jacket still packs more. Let’s dig deeper into DWR by stating this analogy? What do you have a fear of? Maybe height or insects? That’s what happens with any jacket where DWR technology is utilized; it becomes hydrophobic.
Let’s stop it here and rate the water resistant on a scale of 10.

Design and Style

Packing enough style without leaving out other areas to suffer for it. Don’t get it wrong; it’s a sailing jacket meant for harsh weather and not one you rock to a dinner date. The right amount of effort was invested into ensuring that it appears stylish, posh and sharp.

When you stand in front of a mirror while rocking this PrimaLoft jacket, you’ll feel good inside of yourself and ice it with a smile. That’s the look of the Musto sailing jacket, with a diagonal zipped pocket that also serves as a form of keeping your hands safe. No need to be worried, the zippers are made to look classy but more importantly, they never allow water, snow or cold inside.

The style of the cuffs isn’t a regular one thanks to the XVR tech that allows you to lock incompatible accessories. Still lost as to what XVR does? The XVR shell has the responsibility of keeping sharp objects like rock particles, sand or tree branches at arm’s length without harming you.
Enough about style, how does it rate?


There’s not really much to say about how well the Primaloft jackets fit. Just have at the back of your mind that if you pick the right size for you, you’ll never have to worry about excess space. By the way, this Musto sailing jacket is in two colors; black and charcoal, and in five sizes; S-XXL. You want quick advice, go with the black or the charcoal. Read that back again.

Let’s talk about integrating another extra hood, yet that’s possible with the XVR technology. You can decide to cover yourself with either of the hoods or leave one hanging. And the sleeves, you can be sure that it’ll stay in place when another is integrated.

That’s all about this section, how does it perform?

8.5 Total Score

A lot of processes went into making a sailing jacket that is this strong, smart and safe from recycled materials. The choice of materials is a pointer to the efforts of the Musto brand in providing reliable sailing jackets you can trust. Overall, the jacket didn’t perform below the current industry average with a score of 8.5

Material and Quality
Waterproof/Water Resistant
Design and Style
  • Extra protection provided by the XVR hardshell
  • A form of dual water-resistant mechanism with the DWR and the XVR
  • Compatibility with other pieces
  • Not so easily packable compared to other Musto sailing jackets
  • Not available in bright colors, only black and charcoal.
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