Staying active on land and sea requires a jacket that allows you to move, swing and row without hindrance. It’s an encapsulation of comfort, protection and style all made into one jacket.

Only those who are well aware of Musto BR2 standards will understand why this softshell jacket will always be revered and loved by sailors. It delivers a level of warmth and cosiness that is required to weather heavy storm and waves.

Musto filled this jacket will all of their top range technology, which is why it has never attracted any negative vibes in the past and even now. All it takes is a single conviction; you’ll never go to the sea without your Musto Cartmel BR2 packed in your sailing gears.

There are many things good about this jacket, of it all, this jacket responds to the changing season. Enough of the icing, let’s dig into the entire cake and see what Musto Cartmel BR2 offers;

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Resiliently made with stretch panels in high flex areas, such as the shoulders and elbows, the Cartmel BR2 Jacket combines freedom of movement with advanced protection. The shell offers waterproof ...


$295.03 $205.00


100% Polyamide Ripstop, DWR finish


100% Polyester Stretch Microfleece


100% Polyester






Musto is known for its use of the best of fabrics in making sailing jackets that are ever reliable. For the Musto Cartmel BR2, the manufacturer relied on the strength and feel of 100% Polyamide and Polyester. You may be wondering why Musto prefers polyester for most of their jackets. It’s basically as a result of the strong and flexible nature of the material.

Polyester is subjected to less wrinkling and shrinking when compared to other types of materials. This is needed due to treatment that will be further applied to the jacket to enable it to withstand severe weather conditions. You will be at sea in your Musto Cartmel jacket exposed to cold and splash of water; Polyester dries faster than other fabrics. You should see reasons why polyester is most appropriate for this sailing jacket.

At the edges, 100% trim polyester is also used as these are hard wearing zones that require quality material. This will reinforce it and provide it with the strength to withstand wear and tear.

Regarding the quality of the material, there is no doubt about the excellent choice utilized by polyester. The quality of the material goes a long way to determine the usefulness and durable nature of the Musto Cartmel BR2 jacket.


A sailing jacket is just a mere high school jacket when it’s isn’t waterproof and water resistant. Musto will never sacrifice their waterproof technology for any trivial characteristics. This is the reason for the use of 100% Polyamide Ripstop that is fully waterproof.

This is in addition to the DWR technology, a coating of the fabric to make it waterproof, water resistant and at the same time breathable. This technology serves as a blockage to any liquid from the surface while also preventing dirt from staying put on the jacket.

Despite being a coated sailing jacket, this does not add additional weight to the jacket. It is still kept at a lightweight in order not to bring any discomfort to the user. While the body is prevented by the jacket, there’s also a hood that can serve as additional protection to the head area.

To deliver extra protection to the body, Musto has it waterproof stretch panels across the shoulder and elbows. This achieves a dual purpose, for easy movement and most importantly, to prevent water from gaining entrance through these areas.


As said earlier, the Musto Soft Shell Jacket has the opinions of designers who value class and modesty. It’s not the most stylish sailing jacket we’ve ever seen, but it will still satisfy whoever values quality than style.

The reflective branding on black and sleeve adds a unique look to the jacket while the hood does more than just protecting the head. The hood gives it a more than average look that is needed to attract attention to you.

The Musto Cartmel BR2 is available in two colour variants; black and true navy. You can choose whichever suit you from these two colours.


Musto Cartmel BR2 can be gotten in different sizes from S to XXL. Be sure to choose your exact size to have a jacket that stands firm on your body frame come rain or sunshine.

Depending on what you desire, the hood of the sailing jacket can be foldaway. The Musto branding on the sleeves and shoulders are more than extra protection; they are also reflective in the dark.

The microfleece of the modestly stylish sailing jacket with the streamlined sleeve makes taking on and off an ease. There are also thumbholes to keep the sleeves in place; else they’ll be a mess.

8.5 Total Score
Final Scores

Even though Musto enthusiasts might have a different opinion. However, this is not the best Musto sailing jackets we’ve ever seen. What makes this different from others is a bit of mystery around the jacket. It’s not widely known but it’s gaining traction as a flagship product by Musto. We’ll give 8.5/10 to Musto Cartmel BR2 for it fully tapped seams, waterproof and water-resistant and it lightweight.

Material and Quality
Waterproof/Water Resistant
Design and Style
  • Despite the materials involved, Musto Cartmel BR2 is still lightweight.
  • In as much as it’s the right size, the jacket will be comfortable
  • The coating makes is breathable and also waterproof.
  • Modestly stylish and smart
  • Machine washable
  • It is not cheap. However, a value for money.
  • The design could be more stylish.
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